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One of the finest Diabolos anywhere. Tough plastic and vibrant colors.

Triple Bearing Axle- Beginner to advanced players. The triple bearing spins faster and longer than a single bearing. This diabolo performs especially well for vertical tricks. Meets competition requirements. Size:13cmx14.5cm Weight:265g

Wide/Long Bearing Axle - This is a one way bearing. Usually for beginners. Easy to start, able to perform multiple tricks. Meets competition requirements. Size: 13cmx14cm Weight: 260g

Short Bearing Axle- Short one-way ball bearing axle for awesome spin time and creative tricks. Size: 14.4 cm x 12.5 cm Weight: 275g

Fixed Axle - Very useful in a class setting with a teacher. Recommended for more advanced players with skill to perform multiple diabolo's at once. Also a great choice for beginners. Once you learn on a fixed axle it is easy to progress to a bearing diabolo, however, if you frst lent on a bearing, it is extra tough to learn a fixed axle. Meets competition requirements. Size: 14.4cm x 12.5cm Weight: 250g

Diabolo comes in a Drawstring Bag which includes Wooden Sticks, 2 Strings, and Instructions

Weight: 268 g
Length: 138 mm
Diameter: 125 mm

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