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Zeekio Designer Motif Yo-Yo Bag zeekio

Zeekio Designer Motif Yo-Yo Bag zeekio

Zeekio Motif Designer Yo-Yo Bag has heavy protective foam insert to keep your yo-yos safe and sound. This case is made of polyster, has a padded shoulder strap, and has two pockets to hold your spare bearings, axles, and of course, yo-yo string.

Premium quality and innovative design you've come to expect from Zeekio.

Twisted Stringz logo and Original Zeekio Design Motif give it a fresh cool look.

It will comfortably hold 12 yo-yos, but if you are willing to double stack, it can hold up to 24.

Comes is 3 colorways; Orange/Black, Green/Black and Grey/Black

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