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MAGICYOYO T9 Aluminum Yo-Yo -Novice to Advanced- Extra Strings Bearing & Bearing Tool

MAGICYOYO T9 Aluminum Yo-Yo -Novice to Advanced- Extra Strings Bearing & Bearing Tool

T9 is MAGICYOYO latest professional to novice learning, advanced use of the yo-yo. Sphere made a matte, feels very good. Pacifier position with a color crystal stickers, eye-catching color gorgeous. Packaging distribution of advanced wide-body R188 bearings, 10mm screws, pull-axis and three rope.

Product standard is narrow body bearings, reduce the shaft width, increase the friction between the rope and the ball, you can achieve real-time recovery. The reason for this configuration is specifically for ordinary entry-level players to use. A simple finger pull, the ball is back. Of course, if you have a 2A game to play the game, you can use this ball to do some 2A fast hit action.

Product Advanced Features: We remove the original body of the narrow-body bearings, replacement of wide-body bearings on delivery. We will find a lot of shaft width increased. At this time, even if the product upgrade is completed, the performance of the product has undergone tremendous changes. 1. The product can not be recovered in real time as just mentioned; 2. The product has been upgraded to 1A professional yo-yo ball.

Product advantages: matte surface, spherical rounded, feels excellent. Weight distribution and more concentrated in the outer ring, idling adequate. 51.5mm smaller diameter ball matte, suitable for a variety of fine moves and mill moves. Adequate idling also make it in the alignment, longitudinal techniques and horizontal techniques have good performance.

Model: T9
Material: GB 6061
Surface: sandblasting anodized
Recycling paste : yellow
Bearings: Narrow bearing ( M4 * 8MM screws) / 8 beads U-shaped shaft (M4 * 10mm screws)
Diameter: 51.5mm
Weight: 67.3 grams (before upgrading) 67.9 grams (after upgrading)
Ball width: 38.06mm (before upgrade) 39.6mm (after upgrade)
Shaft width: about 3.38mm (before upgrade) about 4.73mm (after upgrade)
Applicable moves: 1A / 2A / 3A / 5A

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