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Play Mouth Stick - Ball Balancing and Spinning

Play Mouth Stick - Ball Balancing and Spinning

The mouth is stick is made for a ball, bottle or other props, balanced on the stick straight out from you mouth. For a juggler new to this type of prop it is best to start with very light props. A very thin single use water bottle with about one inch of water in the bottom is good to start with. Or a very light ball, like one the cheap blow up beach balls. Another simple way to learn the stick is to make a cone of news paper folded at the tip and over time cut the cone shorter and short.

For use the heavier pops, do not practice to long, it is very hard on your jaw muscles and take at least six weeks of short (5-10 min per day) training to build up your jaw strength.

These sticks have a piece of stainless steel covered with silicone suitable for holding the ball and perform all kinds of balances at the other end. They are made of beech wood dried in the oven and its length is 41 centimeters.

Silicone molded with stainless steel mouth core

Length 41 cm (total length)
wood dowel conical 1.5 inch end

They are available in three versions:
- Straight.
- Angle of 45º.
- Conic

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