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Play Perfect Hoop 20mm Hula Hoop - Collapsible

Play Perfect Hoop 20mm Hula Hoop - Collapsible

The HDPE tube , with an excellent elastic memory, has a great response to the pulses and even if folded on itself for long periods it?s easily re-moldable. "hooping" for a few minutes It is often enough to make your hoop perfectly round after being mistreated during your adventurous travels! The decoration with cloth UV tape, in addition to the aesthetic value, it is of fundamental importance for the grip on the body and is therefore highly recommended for beginners. The stainless steel button spring is specifically designed for our hoops. It doesn?t stick out of the tube so you don't feel it at all when you manipulate the hoop. The "mustache" shape of the spring is very important because when you push the button, this moves straight into the hole making it easier to open and lock the joint. The aluminum curved joint is light and strong and follows perfectly the curve of the PERFECT HOOPS in order to ensure its roundness.

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