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Spintastics Whiplash Yo-Yo - Professional Responsive Metal YoYo Spintastics

Spintastics Whiplash Yo-Yo - Professional Responsive Metal YoYo Spintastics

The Spintastics Whiplash is a professional metal yo yo with an aluminum body and a narrow C bearing installed that measures .250 x .250 x .187. This gives the Whiplash the best possible spin time and makes it responsive, which means that it wakes up when you tug on the string for the traditional style of yoyo play.

Makes a great choice of yoyos for kids and will become one of your favorite yo yos for pros as you increase your skills over time. Terrific trick yoyo for kids or professionals, a great metal yoyo for beginner to advanced players. You can install your own angled wide C bearing for nonresponsive /unresponsive play (not included) if you wish to do binding tricks where the yoyo will not wake up at all without a bind.

The Whiplash Yoyo toy has the perfect shape and transition, combined with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction of the halves with weight to the outside and an awesome catch zone that will give you the control you're looking for as you attempt all of your favorite intermediate and advanced yoyo tricks like Split the Atom, Trapeze, Double or Nothing and Around the World on your path from kids beginner to trick yoyo professional player. This model will be one of your favorite yoyo toys and yo yos period. This yo yo toy rocks when it comes to sleep time and string tricks. Add this high performance aluminum metal professional yoyo to your collection today. Yoyo includes a string.

Weight: 66g
Diameter: 55mm
Bearing: Narrow C Bearing
Material: 6061 Aluminum

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